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Radial Root Cyclone™ technology

Dyson's Typo cyclone technology captures more dirt than any other cyclone. In Radial Root Cyclone™ technology remodelled airflows maximise suction power. Improved flow efficiency reduces turbulence and preserves air pressure, so more microscopic particles are extracted by the inner cyclones. These refinements help remove more dust, allergens and pet hair from the home.


Ball™ technology

The machine is light to pull, can pivot on the spot, and follows obediently without snagging on corners. It has a low centre of gravity for negotiating tight turns and getting around furniture. There are over 100 components arranged in the ball including the motor, ducting and 5 metres of cable.

Concentrated technolog

DC48’s body is lightweight, weighing just 2.7kg; making it 30% smaller than the DC47 Ball™ vacuum cleaner.


Powerful but quiet

Engineers were challenged to develop Dyson’s quietest vacuum. Acoustic engineers developed simplified airways in the floor tools, funnelling the turbulent air downwards to dampen the sound. They adjusted the motor’s orientation, and smoothed the airflow inside the vortex fingers of the cyclone to reduce sound from the machine.

Improved floor tools

DC48 comes with both turbine head and carbon fibre bristles.  These have been re-engineered to improve pick-up and sound quality, and reduce weight. Simplified airways decrease noise levels and a self-tightening mechanism keeps the brush bar stable. A dust capture channel prevents dirt from escaping back to the floor, increasing pick-up. The new configuration of carbon fibre filaments and nylon brushes removes fine dust from hard floors and ground-in dirt from carpets.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Dyson
Color Yellow
Model No
Is Hot Item N/A



Bin Volume (L)


Body Weight (kg)


Machine Weight (kg)


Boxed Weight (kg)

Around 7.2

Machine dimensions HLW (mm)

252 x 382 x 202

Box dimensions HLW (mm)

328 x 269 x 538

Warranty period

5 Years

Machine input power (Watts)


Nominal Suction Power (Air Watts)


Prefilter wash period

One month

Postfilter wash period

One month

Warranty No
Q & A No
Promo. Info. N/A
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