Dyson AM09 鐵藍色


*SRP HK$3,680


Engineered to be 75% quieter

Streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence make AM09 75% quieter than AM05..


Energy Efficient

It costs less to heat a whole room evenly with AM05 than with conventional fan heaters.  An intelligent thermostat, maintains the temperature between 1 and 37 degrees Celsius. When it hits the desired temperature the machine will turn itself off, but if the thermostat senses a drop in temperature it will turn back on to readjust.



Low surface temperatures throughout and no visible heating elements. And if tipped over, the machine has been engineered to automatically cut out.

Remote Control

Turning the AM05 on and off, adjusting temperature, airflow rate and controlling oscillation can be done easily from across a room.  The remote control is curved and magnetised to store neatly on top of the machine.


Easy to Clean

Dyson Air Multiplier is bladeless, so dust will not stay on the blades like traditional fans. Hence, what we need to clean the fan is just a dry cloth.



品牌 Dyson
顏色 藍色, 鐵色
型號 Dyson AM09
產品名/Product name Dyson AM09 Fan Heater
Dyson AM09 風扇暖風機
產品尺寸 (xx) (毫米)
/Product dimensions HLW
595 x 113 x 153
重量 (千克)/Product weight 2.68
最大功率 ()/Product input power (Watts) 2000
電線長度 ()/ Wire length 1.8
保用期 / Warranty period 2年
使用說明書 N/A
保養 Yes
常問問題 Warranty Registration J Select is a brand under Jebsen Group. For warranty registration, please visit hk.jebsenconsumer.com.
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圖片集 N/A